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After being awarded this prestigious project by the SOGA, Albo successfully carried out the extension of the governmental administrative office. The oval-shaped building houses offices and boardrooms used by the ministers and the prime minister of Aruba. The design is based on a ‘Cocolishi’, a shell that can be found on the beaches of Aruba. As a result, each floor level has somewhat less floor surface than the one(s) below.

The project required detailed planning, which included connecting the new office space with the existing building and the creation of passageways between the old and the new structure. Details highlighting the older building methods used in the existing building, a registered monument, were incorporated into the design and attractively put on display.

The new building is constructed around a concrete core shaft. The interior has been colorfully decorated. The curtain wall is composed of colored aluminum profiles, panels and glass.

Extension Parliament Building
Government of Aruba
Hoeverts ArchiDesign (Aruba
Civil Engineer:
HJC Engineering (Aruba
Contract sum in US$:
Construction period:
January 2011 - July 2013