The building was originally completed in 1938 and was used by the Aruban harbor master and his administration. After surviving 75 years in the tough Caribbean climate, it was necessary to undertake a thorough restoration of the building.

In close cooperation with the Aruban Monument Care, Albo has tried to keep as much as possible of the existing building. We restored many of the characteristics used in buildings of this age and added some modern features inside the building, creating more convenience for its current inhabitants.

Restoration former Harbour Master’s Building, Oranjestad
Government of Aruba
TE&C N. V. Thijsen Engineering & Consultancy (Aruba
Civil Engineer:
TE&C N. V. Thijsen Engineering & Consultancy (Aruba
Contract sum in US$:
Construction period:
August 2013 - July 2014