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This project encompassed the refurbishment of all guest rooms (+350) including the penthouse on top of the Aruba Tower, furniture and public areas in the 3 towers of the Radisson Hotel on Aruba.

For Albo, this was the premiere using mast climbing work platforms for the execution of a project. The repairs and painting of the exterior façade went smoothly because of this new equipment, creating more space for the workers on each desired height.

In order to accommodate the owner and operations of the hotel, works were executed in one tower at a time, whilst hotel operations were in full swing in the other two.

Working together with the owner/operator, various subcontractors for moving out, storage and moving in of furniture, refurbishing existing furniture, carpeting, replacing the sliding exit doors, air conditioning, painting and sealing and receiving deliveries of materials from suppliers from around the globe, worked out very well due to precise planning and elaborate preparation by the project team.

In November 2011 the last tower, the Aruba Tower, was handed over to the owner, who expressed his gratitude and satisfaction for the quality of the job and the timely delivery.

Renovation Radisson Hotel
Carlson Corporate
Civil Engineer:
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Construction period:
April 2010 – November 2011