ALBO = Algemeen Bouwbedrijf

According to its Articles of Incorporation, the word “Albo” is the abbreviation of “Algemeen Bouwbedrijf”, which translates as General Construction Company. This means that Albo Aruba N.V. is able to carry out any and all kinds of construction work.
In view of the large number of projects it has already accomplished, Albo Aruba N.V. has accumulated a wide range of experience in the construction of:

  • Hotels and timeshare resorts
  • Airport terminal
  • Office buildings
  • Social housing, middleclass and luxury dwelling houses
  • Condominium complexes
  • Buildings for industrial purposes
  • Hydraulic engineering works
  • Woodwork
  • Prefab concrete projects
  • Renovation / restoration projects

Project acquisition and method of execution
Albo Aruba N.V. works with both local as well as international clients. As a result, the company is familiar with a wide range of methods of execution, tender and project acquisition. Roughly, it may be divided into:

  • Dutch regulations
  • U.S. regulations

In practice, this means that the employees regularly have to switch completely when going from one project to another, and are adept at working with different measures and guidelines, including:

  • the metric system and the imperial system
  • “U.A.V./U.A.R.” Contracts (local Dutch regulations)
  • A.I.A. Contracts
  • FIDIC Contracts
  • other international contracts

As a result, Albo Aruba N.V. has gained a wide experience in the field of construction regulations and methods of tender together with the corresponding contracts, such as:

  • Agreement between Owner, Architect and Contractor or Subcontractor
    In case of this form of contract, Albo Aruba N.V. bears the responsibility for the work described in the design and the accompanying descriptions, provided by the architect.
  • Agreement between Owner, Architect and General Contractor
    Under such an agreement, Albo Aruba N.V. bears the responsibility for the entire project as described in the design and the accompanying descriptions, provided by the architect. Realization of the complete project scope and beside construction work also responsible for infrastructural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical works.
  • Agreement between Owner and Design/Builder
    Under this agreement, Albo Aruba N.V. is responsible for both the design and the execution, based on the maximum budget provided.

Project acquisition is carried out by Albo Aruba N.V. independently as well as through joint ventures. In the past, various projects have been executed in joint venture with large contractors from Europe or North America to the complete satisfaction of clients.

To make your vision a reality you need a solid course of action, a plan. You need the right partner, who shares your vision, one who can apply the power of its resources and experience to help convert your ideas into reality. Your right partner is ALBO.

Expertise + Experience = Success !!!