Careful attention to logistics and preparation ..

To complete a project on time in a small country like Aruba is no simple matter. Albo Aruba N.V. is dependent mostly on foreign suppliers and shipping companies for the supply of its materials. Therefore, the company pays close attention to logistics and the preparation of a project. As a result, it is a rare occurrence to experience delays in waiting for materials or parts of equipment.

14_DSC_0179zijgevelOver the years Albo Aruba N.V. has built a complete network of reliable suppliers in the Americas as well as in Europe. In addition, Albo Aruba N.V. maintains an ample stock of basic materials.

Throughout the years Albo Aruba N.V. has proven its ability to deliver various types of projects within the stipulated time frame, while continuously working along with the client in order to try to stay within the budget.